History of The Church

First Meeting ( 24 August 1986 )

First Meeting about having Church in Camp Road was held at St. Mark's School, Camp Road. Mr. Masilamani, Mr. Arthur Joshua, Mr. V.A. John, Mr. R. M. Solomon, Mr. Albert Raja, Mrs Harrington were present in the meeting. It was decided to Conduct Prayer Meeting on Every Sunday at 4 PM in St. Mark's School, Camp Road. Circulars regarding this prayer meeting was distributed by Mr. C. Chelladurai, Mr. Phillipdurai, Mr. Miestan to all the near by sorrounding people.

First Prayer Meeting ( 31 August 1986 )

First Prayer Meeting was conducted by Rev. J.T.K. Daniel at 4 PM.

The First Holy Communion ( 23 February 1987 )

At St. Matthew's Church PC Meeting, then committee members Mr. Arthur Joshua and Mr. V.A. John seeked permission to construct Church in Camp Road. Permission was granted to convert the Sunday 4 PM prayer meeting to Sunday Service at 10:30 AM at St. Mark's School. Mr. V.A. John and Mr. Arthur Joshua were Appointed as Representatives The First Holy Communion was served by Rev. Francis Soundaraj at St. Mark's School. Slowly with God's wish funds were raised for purchasing Land for the Church. In the year 1989, the Current Land in Camp Road was leased from Captain Mr. Siha.

Church on Hut ( 17 September 1989 )

God helped us to build our First Hut for the Church and Start the Service in our current location. Choir Members took the Cross and started procession from St. Mark's School to St. Mark's Church for the First Service with 15 Families. Mr. T. Thomas inaugrated the Church.

First Pastor ( 1 June 1990 )

Church glowed with the presence of God and we got our First dedicated Pastor Rev. Mr. Adam Moses. He was appointed by Madras Diocese.

English Service ( 7 July 1990 )

It was decided to start English Service, with the efforts from Mr. M.S.K. Sunderraj, Mr. Arthur Joshua and Mr. K. Dhas we started our English service on this day.

First Secretary,Treasurer ( 1 September 1990)

Church was recognized as a Separate Unit under the Secretary Mr. Arthur Joshua and Treasurer Mr. David Franklin.

First Chairman ( 1 September 1991 )

Madras Diocese Appointed Rev. Mr. Ruben Jabakumar as Pastor and Rev. Mr. S.D. Sounderrajan as Chairman.

First Building Committee ( 1 October 1991 )

First Building Committee was formed under convenor Mr. V. A. John. We got the leased 2 grounds purchased for us and thereby extending to purchase 8 grounds in our Current facility. Captain Mr. Sinha was kind enough to help and support by allowing part payments for this Purchase.

Individual Pastorate ( 1 October 1994 )

Our Church was declared as separate Pastorate. Our Pastorate had Santhoshapuram Church as Sub-Unit.

Finally The Grand Church ( 3 December 2000 )

Grace of God and Members enoumous support lead us to build our Current Church at a cost of 45 Lakhs. New build church was inaugrated by Rt. Rev. Dr. V. Devasahayam.

Foundation Stone for Parish Hall ( 24 March 2002 )

Continous efforts by Member Congregation and Committee Members decided to build a Parish Hall. Foundation Stone for Parish Hall was laid by Rt. Rev. Dr. V. Devasahayam. Our Church Member Late Mr. Nargunam gave away his property to Mr. Johny Joshua. Which was denoted by Johny Joshua to the Church, which is currently used as our parsonage.

Construction Begins ( 7 June 2006 )

Construction of the Parish Hall started and contract was given to our Church Member Mr. Manoher Samuel.

Inaguration Of The Parish Hall ( 19 September 2007 )

The Now seen church Parish Hall was Inaugrated by Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Devasahayam. From thereon Church Ministries and Serivces are continuing from our Church with the help of God and Member Congregation Successfully.